Stardust in Your Eyes


Welcome at the site from Stabyhounkennel Stardust In Your Eyes. This kennel is connected at the Raad van Beheer (Dutch Kennelclub) and the NVSW (Dutch Association of Stabyhoun and Wetterhoun). Breeding only occurs under their rules and controls.

Stabyhoun  a  Hunting dog

The Stabyhoun is from origin a very good all-round hunting dog that really likes to work in collaboration with is owner. This ability to co-work  makes that the Stabyhoun from origin absolute loves to work and hunt, and what beats being out in the fields and working with your dog!


For years the Stabyhoun is bred for hunting.

They carry this passion to hunt within them  it flows trough there veins from head to tail. I don't want to loose this infinite passion and skills. That is why I breed with only one goal: healthy dogs with a passion to work!